About Sheila de Lemos

Sheila de Lemos is a photographer. Sheila de Lemos is an artist. She began taking photographs as a child and hasn’t stopped. There has never been a time when creativity, art, and photography were not a fundamental part of her life.

Sheila began her career in fashion and illustration in Manhattan and then continued her work in Washington, D.C., where her art was exhibited in galleries and she photographed the collections of well-known designers in the Northeast.

When the sub-tropical beauty and unique culture of Miami called to her, Sheila’s career expanded into an exciting array of areas, including owning a gallery, exhibiting her work, commissioned photography, including hanging out of 150 Cessna artcraft while photographing what is now Kendall Lakes, teaching photography, and working as a strategist to businesses in the creative domain as well as operations. Sheila was awarded the first Masters of Fine Arts in Photography by the University of Miami.

For more than 30 years, Sheila’s contemporary art photography has been exhibited in galleries and acquired by corporations, hotels, banks, and private collectors throughout the United States. She is inspired and intrigued by what we see but more importantly by what we choose to see and choose not to see at any given moment in time. From a commercial viewpoint, Sheila’s images have always conveyed the information her commercial clients expect and need to enhance their brand. As a successful business owner and strategist to business, she brings a unique perspective to the responsibility for communicating that information fully, accurately, and artistically.

Throughout her career, sharing her love of photography and art has made educating others in photography a passion. She has created a state of the art darkroom and digital studio at one of the country’s premier private prepatory schools, Ransom Everglades, and was also responsible for capturing the excitement and energy of campers at one of Central Florida’s best-known summer camps, along with creating a digital studio to introduce the children to the joys of creating photography. She has also tutored a small, exclusive group of photographers in all areas of photography, including digital techniques.

The effect of the computer upon the practice of photography continues to influence how Sheila sees and processes images. Sheila feels that today, the computer is to photography what photography once was to painting. Each of her contemporary art images begins with traditional photographic techniques. But rather than be shocked or opposed to new technologies, as some painters were a hundred and fifty years ago, Sheila has fully embraced technology and uses it to create unique art that blurs the lines between reality and memory. For at her core, Sheila believes that what we see at any moment is only as real as we want to believe it to be.