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abstract22Not a day goes by that there isn’t an upgrade or a new version of the software we are all using. Reading the manual (something most people hate doing or don’t have the time) or just knowing how most things work makes me the ideal person to figure out the best way for you or your employees to do something. Using my extensive teaching background to empower people to make the most of the new technology by showing that it isn’t as scary as one might think is a natural part of who I am.  I haven’t met a piece of digital equipment or software yet that I couldn’t master.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other photographers as well; to create captivating imagery that is unlike most other image-makers.

How I can help you

  • Analog to digital conversions
  • Photoshop® training all levels
  • Transferring, organizing, and printing digital images of all types and sizes
  • Photographer training at all levels
  • The Business of Photography, and Marketing your Photography Business
  • Any technology you need or want to learnAll lessons are custom-tailored to your specific needs.

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